Is your horse ready for the winter months?

Winter can be a tough season on our furry friends. It is our responsibility to make sure that they have proper care to get through the harsh months and be as comfortable as possible. 

Proper shelter is an important necessity to protect them from rain and debris from storms and high winds. Blanketing is also a great way for added protection for your horses to stay warm and dry. Whether your just looking to keep them dry or add some extra fill for warmth there are many options to choose from to aid in your horse's comfort. 

Feeding is another necessary aid in your horses comfort and warmth. If your horse is living outside, purchasing a round bale for them to continuously munch on will sufficiently help them stay much warmer. It is a much better idea to allow your horse to be a little overweight when heading into the winter months. It is better to go heavy on the hay in the winter months they can easily shed weight burning calories just trying to stay warm. Having access to water is also and always an important necessity.

Now if your horse will be inside and working vigorously and continuously throughout the winter, it is a good idea to body clip your horse. To body clip your horse will allow him to stay cooler while working without a heavy winter coat and prevent him from getting wet with sweat and catching a chill. Also remember to keep in mind that if you are to body clip make sure that you heavily blanket your horse and avoid extreme cold temperatures.  

These are just some factors to help your horse keep comfortable in the winter.  

-From your friends at Horse and Rider! 



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