Is your horse ready for the winter months?

Winter can be a tough season on our furry friends. It is our responsibility to make sure that they have proper care to get through the harsh months and be as comfortable as possible.  Proper shelter is an important necessity to protect them from rain and debris from storms and high winds. Blanketing is also a great way for added protection for your horses to stay warm and dry. Whether your just looking to keep them dry or add some extra fill for warmth there are many options to choose from to aid in your horse's comfort.  Feeding is another...

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BEAT THE HEAT: Summer Horse Care

SUMMER HORSE CARE Summer is one of the best times to be outside and around the horses but it can also be quite dangerous for our four legged friends. During these hot summer temperatures it is always important to keep our horses and our own health and safety in mind. Many horse shows take place this time of year and it is important to take the time to pay attention to keeping your horse cool. If riding your horse on a 90 degree day is a must keep in mind that spreading the work out with lots of walk breaks...

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